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In our tradition giving is understood as a spiritual act, in that it is a part of Worship. Worship is composed of different elements such singing, praying, and reading of the word to mention but just a few. One of the critical elements of a complete worship is an act of giving. It is from this understanding that we distinguish giving into about three segments

“the acceptable sacrifice is a broken spirit….”

This form of giving is what is normally done once a week on Sabbath or the Day of worship. 

After the congregation has been led into a time of worship, through the liturgy, a space is then offered to all in attendance to bring what is in their hearts before the Lord. It is not the amount that is important, but the understanding cultivated through the liturgy that no amount of money or gift can ever begin to express the extent of the steadfastness of God’s Love and grace on us! It is amongst other things a recognition that God’s remains on the Throne, irrespective of how the week was for me but He remains in control and His “mercies are new every day”.


As there are four seasons in a Year and also for watches in a day so are seasons of coming before the Lord. 

Planting, First Fruits, Rona (harvest) and Thanksgiving are the four festivals that are normally observed and celebrated in our tradition. 

What perhaps is worth noting about festival giving is that these are communal events. They are not done by individuals for an individual. These are done by the community, through families.  These are some of the events which remind us that “even though we are many but in Christ we are One”. They promote unity, collective participation, family life and communal living truly beyond the correct rendition that “I am because you are ”by putting it into action!”



(The tenth of what you have belongs to God)

Tithing is a biblical concept driven from the concept of Stewardship. Psalm 20 says “the world is the Lords and everything in it”. The doctrine that we hold is that we are stewards of the things of God. The ownership of the World and everything in it remains in the Hands of God. Guided by this understanding tithing then becomes a time of presenting to God what God has entrusted under your care.

The second and imported aspect is what the bible tells us which is instructive in its nature. The bible says in numerous passages that the tenth of what we have belongs to God. the Tora goes further to say all 1st born sons belong to God. Malacai chapter 3 the prophet is so confident about this form of giving that he says, “test God on this!”.

So, the Old Testament is clear and unequivocal that we should bring tenth of what we have to God and for the service of His glory!

Be that as it may, in the Wesleyan tradition people are encouraged to give sacrificially and generously as opposed to instructing them to give the 10th. The reason is firmly rooted on what I said in the beginning in relation to our understanding of Giving to be a spiritual Act of Worship. The Gospel of Christ according to St John 4 say, “those who worship God shall do so in Truth and in Spirit”. Paul teaches us that God loves a cheerful giver. 

So, for us in the Methodist Church, we encourage people to begin from a point of “Rendering their Hearts” before their pockets. Ours is a Heart that is IN Christ as opposed to Hands that are in the work of Christ while the Heart is nowhere near Christ.

Heart – Head – Hands 


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Once money is deposited you can bring us the proof of payment and place it in the offertory bag or email it to the office.
We pray for all the people who have given we would like to pray for you as well.

Esse Quam Videri

To be rather than to seem

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