//Women, our rock!

Women, our rock!

Dear Beloved,

Today I want to pay tribute to mothers. Life is challenging in many aspects.
It requires people who will from time to time hold and share the burden of
life. It is no wonder mothers are needed by all the children in the world.
This unconditional love begins long before the child is born. Mothers make
sacrifices for the baby to be healthy, fit and strong when they are finally
delivered into this world. Vulnerable as the baby is, the mother would make
sure that the baby is protected. At times protecting the baby from the very
members of the family and society. The first and deep connection the child
has in knowing that they are loved is the mothers.

The life of a mother would be put on hold, in order for that of the child to
progress and prosper. The mother would risk letting go in order for the child to be independent. This teaches the child to be responsible for their own life. This never happens without anxiety and pain; and yet the mother would dare to give the child a chance to explore and experience with caution and guidance. It is a difficult balancing act the mothers have to hold.

In the entire process, mothers get to be blamed more often than they would
be affirmed. Only those who are watching will escape the misery of
criticism. Once you get involved, people will always have an opinion about
what you are doing. Thanks to the mothers who are involved in the lives of
their children. They do this not because they are perfect, but because they
are driven by love and a deep sense of feeling responsible for somebody
else’s life. This is a strong manifestation of the Image of God in humanity,
and best expressed by mothers. Many of us are who we are because of a
mother in our lives, even if not necessarily a biological mother. May we
cherish the mothers today and every other day of our lives. Happy Mothers’