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Tree of Life Course: Personal Testimony

By Karabo Malakalaka


Post the two previous courses, I must admit, I wasn’t very keen on going for a third course in a row but little did I know what the Almighty had in store for me. I know usually peer pressure is associated with negative things but this time round it worked for me. Thank you Tiisetso for nudging me to do this, it was the Holy Spirit speaking through you.

The first session was very interesting and spoke to the environmentalist in me. It got me thinking and crying… most importantly acknowledging the number of times I have deliberately chosen the tree of death instead of life as I worked through the week’s assignment. So my confession for that week was REALLY difficult. In the same week, I got reminded that there are people strategically placed in our lives to offer nourishment- SOUL friends. And one friend of mine stood out the most. I have made a deliberate point of praying for her, so that GOD can continue to give her strength and empower her, as she tends to my soul.

The GOD in every day, I got to be reminded that GOD doesn’t care about the how we come to him, HE simply cares about the fact that we made an effort to have time with Him by seeing HIS awe and majesty in the everyday things we take for granted, and being thankful for those. The air we breathe, the birds that sing to us each day- trying to put a smile on our faces in our ever hurried activities, the list goes on.

A time for everything. This was a wakeup call for me! I had been lamenting over something, to the extent I became like Job- questioned whether HE really loved me and why couldn’t this one simple thing be answered. Just like a smack on the face, I was snapped back into reality. YES, I’m greatly loved, that’s why I’m still here on earth- I had elevated my challenge beyond GOD and it was obscuring who MY FATHER really is. I chose to focus on the wrong master… hence the concept of Happy darkness didn’t make sense to me. My situation hasn’t changed, BUT my focus has. Despite everything, I choose GOD to be my focus, intentionally seeking HIS kingdom first and everything will be added unto me in due time. Talk about change of perspective.

The dark within and 3 days in the belly.

A gentle reminder of how each day I battle my own demons. I’m still working on the possibility to trust, release and abide. This is difficult when dealing with the darkness others have inflicted upon me. I pray for grace and mercy each day, so I can release it to GOD. One vernacular song stood out for me as I was doing that week’s reflection- “ Sebe se le thata se ka nkatametsa ho Morena- as difficult as sin is, it pushes me to GOD” excerpt from Haufi le Morena (sotho song).

The Selfish Giant- Oscar Wilde…. Let’s just say, there’s more commonality between me and the giant! That’s also work in progress…

Finally, the one exercise we did stood out profoundly over others. When Yvonne presented the story of the Pearl of Great price. As I looked at and reflected, I saw that despite the clutter we put in our lives- our material possessions and everything- the love of GOD shines through regardless. It matters not how we try and fill the space.  You have to see the schematics to understand, can’t put it down on paper.

I learnt many lessons through the course, mostly about me and my relationship with MY Father in Heaven, but I would like just to share two.

  1. In the fellowship provided by the course, two things happen- we lose focus of our problems as we realise what others are going through- a reminder to elevate GOD and not the problem, secondly we testify GOD’s greatness to each other- something to tap on in the dry winter season.
  2. Each one of us carries with them their sin on one hand and the grace of GOD on the other. Each day is an opportunity to choose the grace of GOD even in the little things.

Finally, I don’t know what the next course has to offer, but I’m sure I will be there. See you there!!



A note from Yvonne:

Our next runs on Wednesdays in August. Details below.

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