//To be is to be known

To be is to be known

Dear Beloved,

As a community, we have in recent weeks been hard hit with bereavements. Life has been interrupted and disrupted by death. Even in this state of affairs, I want to celebrate the sense of community with which we have confronted this devastating wave of grief and loss.

In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr, “You get to see the person’s character not in the moments of celebration, but in moments of controversy.” It is in these trying times that our character as a community has been exposed. People have put their business aside to be with the families who mourn. To belong is to be cared for. The gesture of presence goes a long way in knowing that one is not alone. Church communities are the embodiment of God, this God who comes to be with His people. Thank you, beloved disciples of the Calvary Methodist Church. My heart warmed up when I heard people took the initiative to go and visit without being asked to do so. My heart leaped with praise when the families told me that the people called Methodists from Calvary Methodist Church were here and they blessed us with such a healing prayer service. We did what we are called to do, to being Christ to those who need Him the most.

Kwasi Wiredu in his book Philosophy in an African culture, writes “To be, is to be known.” I praise God that over these past weeks we have become, by making ourselves known. I would like everybody to be known in our community. This remains to a greater extent, each individual’s responsibility, to either be a number or be known. This sense of knowing is reciprocal, as you become known, you also get to know. It will take a few adjustments to your priorities to make others your priority. Nobody has the time, but we can all create time, especially for other people.

People are the only hope we have. When everything else depends on us, we can depend on one another. Everything else will just stare at us, but people will minister to us. Let us continue to minister to each other.