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The Way of Transforming Discipleship: Course Feedback

I want to share with you what I have heard, seen with my own eyes, looked at and discovered for myself concerning the real life of faith during a 6 week journey on the way of transforming discipleship.

I learnt about a God who loves unconditionally. A God who invites others as he invites me.  I learnt that it’s okay to be vulnerable and share your life honestly. God wants us to be vulnerable and honest with him. I found joy by sharing with the group. All of us found joy in hearing about the experiences and how God was with us in this journey.

Having been through the journey, there are a couple of things that I would like share that may draw others closer to God. Some of the things may be uncomfortable.  The beauty about God is the fact that he is with us even in uncomfortable places. For us to grow and get closer to God we need to move from our comfort zones to an unknown world where God is present.

We need to learn to be honest with ourselves and also honest with God so that we can draw strength from God from a point of honesty. This will lead us to being vulnerable and I know that most of us do not want to get to that space as it is not a comfortable space. When you are vulnerable it means that you are no longer in control and that is where God wants us to be, not in control but him in control. God will use our vulnerability to our good and also to draw others closer to him. When we share our lives and allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we are able to show others who God is. Sharing honestly and being vulnerable will make our fellowships meaningful and real.

One of the important things that we learnt in our journey is that Christianity is not a private matter. You cannot have the relationship with God on your own. You need to journey with others, at times you will be carrying others when life gets tough and at times they will be carrying you – that’s what Christianity is about, it’s about us being a community and walking together. As we are called to be agents of change, we cannot make a meaningful impact on our own, we need to do it together so that we may touch more lives. Christianity is not about us, but about the glory of the Lord.

As part of living a Christian life we need to confess as this will bring healing to us. Most of us are scared of facing our pain face to face as we end up dealing with things that we thought we had already dealt with. This makes us uneasy, as at times we do not know where the road will lead. We need to be reminded of the fact that Christ encounters happen in the midst of pain and whilst dealing with our own pain we get to connect with others. Their pain also brings us face to face with Christ.

Let us never forget that God redeems everything for good.


Thank you to our course facilitators and to those who made space in the midst of life’s busyness to undertake this journey of transformation.

For those who are looking to deepen their spiritual life, our next short course “The Way of Blessedness” begins at the end of September. Please sign up at the info. table or email for more information.

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