//The end is not the end

The end is not the end

Dear Beloved,

The Christian calendar is ending this week. What is interesting is that the end Marks the beginning. With God, the end is not the last. We saw it with the death of Christ. Jesus’ death marked the birth of the resurrection. The end of faithfulness of Adam and Eve meant the beginning of God’s grace. The end of the kingdom of Israel meant the beginning of the Kingdom of God. God has never been silenced even as He died on the cross He still spoke words of healing and assurance.

We end the Christian year by exalting Christ as King, as this is known as Christ the King Sunday. This kingship is different though from the kings of the world who display their power by conquering other nations. This kingship is about influencing people to live differently. The power is not in enforcing, but journeying. He guides and directs us on this journey. He teaches us and challenges us. He restores and transforms us on this journey. He nudges and affirms us on this journey. We just have to allow him to do these things and watch our lives grow and become reflective of God’s influence.

This influence shows in our relationship with God and God’s creation including one another. We worship God as David taught the people of Israel to worship. We trust God like the mothers and fathers of faith like Hannah and Abraham. We testify for God like the prophets of old as we stand for justice and truth. We serve like Paul, Silas and Barnabas did. We awaken the essence of humanity like Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela.

May Christ reign in your life as you allow God to influence and journey with you until your life becomes a living sacrifice. I look forward to us celebrating our 20th Anniversary as the Calvary Methodist Church next Sunday at 9H00 as we all close Rhona.