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Resurrection Reflections: Week 5

  Scripture reading – John 15:9-17 Food for thought: Love has always been a very confusing and consuming emotion: it has driven some people to write the most amazing poetry and music; others to drive a knife through their “loved” ones when they haven’t lived up to expectations or have tried to walk away. Love […]

Resurrection Reflections: Week 4

Centering prayer: Spend a few minutes looking at or eating a bunch of grapes with the following words repeating in your mind: “You are the vine. I am one of your branches. In you I find the fullness of life.” Scripture reading – John 15:1-8 A couple of years ago my mom retired and most of her energy and time […]

Resurrection Reflections: Week 3

Scripture reading – John 10:10-18 If life is primarily about choices and living with the consequences of those choices, then the Christian life is primarily about the transformation of our lives made possible by the fact that we can be forgiven for the destructive and unhealthy choices we have made, enjoy the comfort of God’s […]

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