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Created 4 community

Making Space at the Table: Created for Community (week 4)

The foundation of our modern lifestyle is scarcity. Or rather, the perception of scarcity. Retailers, marketers, governments, movie makers, even ministers have been telling us for years and years that there is not enough to go around; that unless we claim our share, mark our territory, hoard what we have, the wellbeing and livelihood of […]

Power with Purpose (Created for Community 3)

Acts 2:1-4, 43-47 There is a need for us to reflect not only on what is happening around us, but what is it that we are doing with our own lives. Reflecting on others and other things is the easiest thing to do. This though also robs us of the opportunity to realise our own […]

10 to 2: Created for Community sermon (week 2)

Once upon a time there were people who lived terrible, painful, back-breaking, heart-aching lives in a country called Egypt. They were not Egyptians. They were slaves to the Egyptians. They hungered and they thirsted and they worked. They worked and they hungered and they thirsted under the baking heat of the sun and the cracking […]

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