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Marvelous things – Bulletin letter

To God’s beloved I give thanks and praise to God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who gathered us together last week in such high spirits as we resumed the rhythms and routines of life and worship within our Calvary community. Truly, the new song within our hearts is of a God who is faithful, […]

Signed up for Soul Clean?


After the Israelites had gained access to the Promised Land, they needed a more permanent place to keep the Ark of the Covenant which was, in essence, a sign of God’s continuing presence with them. So God revealed to King David and his son, Solomon, very specific instructions for the construction of a temple in […]

The Way of Transforming Discipleship: Course Feedback

I want to share with you what I have heard, seen with my own eyes, looked at and discovered for myself concerning the real life of faith during a 6 week journey on the way of transforming discipleship. I learnt about a God who loves unconditionally. A God who invites others as he invites me.  […]

Parenting: beyond the bumper sticker

Your family probably doesn’t need to look like this in order to be happy … but neither does it have to look like this … Most of us want picture-perfect families: happy, healthy, peaceful, caring. Instead we find that family life with its technological terrors, food wars, school blues, sibling rivalries and boundary battles can […]

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