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Signed up for Soul Clean?


After the Israelites had gained access to the Promised Land, they needed a more permanent place to keep the Ark of the Covenant which was, in essence, a sign of God’s continuing presence with them. So God revealed to King David and his son, Solomon, very specific instructions for the construction of a temple in Jerusalem to which all of God’s people could travel regularly in order to worship God, offer thanks, and make atonement for their sins.

After the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus, his disciples and apostles began to teach that God’s presence was no longer confined to the Temple (remember how at the moment of Jesus’s death the veil that kept people from looking upon the Ark of the Covenant was torn in two) but with and within us through the gift of God’s Spirit.

Paul, in particular, began to speak of our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit; the living residence of a living and holy God.

Often, at the start of Lent, when we examine the condition of our temples, we recognise with despair just how dirty and disorganised our lives have become – not at all conducive to an intimate relationship with God. In fact, if our houses looked like our hearts, we would probably be too embarrassed to invite our friends over!

Soul Clean is a five-week Lenten journey that helps us, in partnership with God, to begin clearing out some of the cobwebs and the clutter – in our priorities, in our past, in our boundaries, in our self-talk and everyday language, and in our worldview – that we might begin to enjoy the peace and order and possibility and significance of a life built on Christ as cornerstone.

Accompanying the inner, spiritual journey this Lent may be a physical journey through the practice of fasting. There will be specific support for those who seek to develop this discipline. Please use this space to identify what it truly is that you need to give up or cut down on in order to deepen the spiritual journey on which you find yourself. You may discover that God longs less for you to cut out meat or carbohydrates from your diet than a particularly toxic relationship or time-consuming practice from your life!

Should you wish to join us as we order our spiritual temples, please contact the office to sign up so that we can prepare a set of material for you. The cost is R100 payable in cash or by EFT (reference Soul Clean + Surname).

Written and facilitated by Rev. Y. Ghavalas

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