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Welcome to Calvary Methodist Church

Together, we celebrate the opportunity and the privilege to exist as a community that reflects the beauty of God’s creation.  We are one of the most diverse Churches in the country as our Sunday worship reflects in our language, music, prayers and preaching.  We strive to make everyone to feel welcome by constantly doing things that remind us all that all are part of the community irrespective of the ratio.

Service times

We offer opportunities for Spiritual Growth through Christian Education programmes like the Alpha Course, Disciple Bible Study, Companions in Christ Series, Marriage Preparation, Parenting seminars, and Confirmation Program for the Youth.  Our philosophy is that we all need to grow in our faith together and so Fellowship Groups (Cell Groups) are an integral part of who we are. We also express our faith and vision  by serving others.  We have various ministries for each member of the community to express their faith and deepen their love for Christ and God’s world.

We serve in the surrounding schools, prisons, hospitals, and retirement villages. We join hands with the Corporate sector by encouraging them to serve with us. Currently, we work with the University of Witwatersrand’s medical students to make a difference in the local clinic and, together with NatGeomatics we have blessed 300 residents of Avril Elizabeth Home in Germiston for the past two years by buying linen for the residents to the sum of R60 000.00.  We are currently raising funds to help the community of Zebediela in Limpopo to put a roof on their Church.

Our volunteers are also working tirelessly to with the Connexional office of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa to start a primary school in Ivory Park by 2015.

Our guiding vision is to reach out and share God’s Embracing Love by extending our fellowship beyond the community.  To this end, every cent that comes in is tithed to make a difference around the Midrand community, the country, and even beyond the borders of South Africa.  We believe that God is blessing us so that we can be a blessing to others.

Resources are therefore a big need in order for us to continue doing our work faithfully. Over and above the Sunday giving we encourage all those who worship at Calvary to tithe generously so that we can continue to do God’s work.  Should you be in a position to assist, do not hesitate to contact our office on +27 11 805 3375 or email

All are welcome at Calvary.

All people can belong at Calvary.

All can make a difference in the world.



Rev Sva Waqu (Resident Minister)


    • Good morning Ntsietso,

      If you hover your mouse over “Welcome to Calvary Methodist Church” (PC) or click on that heading (smart phone) a pull down menu containing our full contact details should become visible to you. For your convenience, the office number is 011 805 3375.

  1. joel

    Im a young ivorian currently studying in midrand and im a methodist so i would like to know how i can come to your next sunday service since im new here i dont really know around..

    • Wonderful to hear from you Joel!

      We would love to have you join us at our services which are currently at 8a.m. and 10a.m. From the 8th of February, however, we are moving to new service times to cater more fully for the wide diversity of spiritual needs in our community: 7:30a.m. a quieter, more contemplative service; 9a.m. contemporary worship; and 11a.m. a liturgical service featuring SiyaKudumisa Thixo and other sung prayers.

      Please join us at whichever one resonates most strongly with you. We look forward to seeing you there!

      • Megaan

        Good Morning,

        I would like 2 find out if Clavary has a youth group that meet on a Friday evening?

        If so, what time do they begin? Are there age limits? And will there be a Dec close?

        • Good morning Megann

          Calvary does, indeed, have a Friday evening Youth Group that caters for Primary and High School students from 6:30 to about 8/8:30 depending on the nature of the evening’s activities. Unfortunately, they are in recess over December but will resume mid-January. Please contact the office on 0118053375 if you would like us to connect you with the leaders of the group or pick up a copy of the church bulletin.

          Yours in Christ

    • Hi Tirelo

      The easiest way is to email the church office ( with your request to join a cell (fellowship) group, the area in which you live, and a contact number. We will pass your information on to the nearest fellowship group leader who will then make contact with you.

      Blessings to you as you embark on this exciting journey of deepening your fellowship and your spiritual life!

    • Hi Charity. As a community that values God’s gift of diversity, we use a mixture of languages at all of our services. While 11h00 has mainly isiXhosa and SeSotho hymns, don’t be surprised to find yourself singing in chiShona, SeTswana, Hebrew, or Afrikaans either. We hope that you will come along and experience the joy of such embracing Love with us!

  2. Liza

    Good day,

    I am looking to visit the church to attend the Good Friday service (amazwi asixhenxe).

    Please let me know what time the service will start, how long it will be and where it will take place (I’m not too familiar with the area). Also please let me know what language hymn book I will need to bring along.

    Thank you.


    • Hi Liza

      So sorry to have missed your enquiry. We hope that you did find your way to us or will pop in at one of our three services on a Sunday – at 7:30am, 9am or 11am.

  3. Lesego Malebo

    Good day,

    I really enjoyed the easter services at Calvary. However in my view I felt like the good Friday service was geared more to Xhosa hymns, while the sunday service was more inclusive. As such I would urge that when we congregate together during these times like good Friday our church leaders consider making the services more inclusive. otherwise the church was GREAT and AWESOME…AMEN

    I would also like to suggest that for any hymns we be guided on where to find them in either the sotho or xhosa hymn books as some of us have our hymn books and would like to still use them.

    I personally think that you are doing a great job at Calvary and I pray that God strengthens the church year on year.

    I have submitted my forms to the office via email and will be joining the orientation class from tomorrow.

    I hope that I will have a fulfilling and spiritual journey at Calvary.


    • Thank you so much for your positive input Lesego, which is very much in line with our leadership’s assessment of the services. We look forward to working on these special services in such a way us to honour and uphold the diversity that defines us in our Sunday services. I will also forward your comment concerning hymn books to our “presentation” teams as it would be simple enough to include our hymn numbers on the slides. We pray that your journey with Calvary will, indeed, be blessed.

  4. olwethu

    good day
    my name is olwethu mtirara, im based in woodmead area north of jozi, id like to attend a sunday servicer but I cant seem to locate the address for the church. kindly could you advise as to the location address as well as the times for church services on sundays.
    look forward to your prompt feedback

    • Good afternoon Olwethu. We are in Halfway Gardens diagonally opposite the Engen Garage in Midway Mews on the corner of Harry Galuan & 7th Rd in Halfway Gardens. We have three services on a Sunday – each with its own distinct “flavour.” At 7:30a.m. you’ll find a contemplative space with Holy Communion; 9a.m. is more contemporary and youth/young at heart oriented; and 11a.m. is liturgical and includes the singing of Siyakudumisa Thixo. We hope to meet you soon!

  5. Malerato

    Good day

    I really love the diversity of the Calvary Methodist church , my expectations when you introduced the 11am service was that it will be a vernacular services where the liturgy meaning your mbedesho yemini yecawa to ndiyakholwa will be followed as it is on our him books but only to find out that I was wrong but its still the same as 10 am service that I used to attend before.

    My concern is that we are not accommodative especially that all the services we preach in English and we must also think of those helpers in our house that came from Natal, Eastern Cape etc. and us who came to Gauteng for work purposes and we are not used to the new style of worship and give us no choice but to drive all the way to Bethesda, fourway and braynston.

    I also propose that we introduce the YWM and WM amadodana

    Sorry for the long story its just the passion that i have with my church and for the Love that i have for Calvary Methodist Church

  6. Tirelo Cressy Morule

    Yes I agree with the introduction of Manyano and Amadodana so that we don’t miss home that much while we are here in Jhb to fend for our parents back home

  7. Victoria Moeletsi

    Good day

    I was out of the country for a few weeks for work and returned to the 09:00 service this past Sunday. I was greatly surprised to see that the 09:00 service now has a rather loud electric drum musical set, commonly associated with charismatic churches. To be honest, I was greatly disturbed by this. The 09;00 service was perfectly fine and contemporary in the way it was, the worship and praising was authentic. It had the Methodist identity it in it. Right now, with that electric drum musical set, it feels like a new-age charismatic church. In attempts to keep the service contemporary, can we please not lose sight of the Methodist feel and identity.

    There are numerous such churches in Midrand and surrounding areas. There should be a difference between our church and those.

    Please. I love this church. I grew up in the Methodist church, in a contemporary Methodist church in Pretoria and have had Calvary as my new home since moving to Johannesburg.

    • Good morning Victoria,

      Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback. The electronic drum set is not a move towards becoming a more charismatic service but was the best option for us in terms of replacing an ageing, broken set. Because it is electronic, we have greater control over the volume of the drums but you will notice that, at times, we use hand held drums for certain songs because of the rhythm and feel.

      Our understanding of contemporary worship is that we create a space where there is less liturgy and more modern music (using instruments) to allow for a more spontaneous time of worship and freedom of movement. We will never lose our distinctive Methodist flavour in that the Word of God remains central in the service and all of the songs and prayers should open us up to the Word in a way that makes it take root in our lives.

      Recently, a survey was taken on how we are doing in our different services and at the end of November, on a retreat with all involved at 9a.m., we will deliberate on how we continue to shape and grow the service taking into account of the feedback that we have received from them and from people like yourself.

      I pray that Calvary will continue to be home to you and that you will continue to offer your thoughts and talents in a way which strengths our community and worship life.

      Yours in Christ

  8. Lizzy

    Hi I am based in rabie ridge, am new around this area wanted to come through but do you Maybe know if the taxi does come to that side?

    • Hi Lizzy,

      Welcome to the neighbourhood! We have a number of people worshipping with us from Rabie Ridge. Please contact the church office on 011 805 3375 and they should be able to connect you with someone who is able to answer your question.

      Hope to see you soon!

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