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Rhona: A time for reflection

The Rhona Season is a time where, as Christians, we look back and acknowledge the presence of God and God’s deliverance in our lives through Thanksgiving.

Many mistake this season for a time of fundraising for the Church; a mere collection of money in return for a service, a product or even, at times, recognition. Even though the end result will be money collected to further the mission of the Church, the Rhona Season is far more than that.

As Christians, and especially as a community with Methodist roots, we must challenge ourselves to give out of our own resources for spiritual reasons. Yes, indeed, targets are set and funds are collected; but more importantly, during this Season disciples are developed. If we properly construe the notion of giving, it speaks of resources which extend beyond the Rands and Cents. So much joy resonates with all the Disciples who understand this notion well.

2 Corinthians 8: For if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has and not according to what one does not have.

This scripture clearly means that each of us needs to give as it is feasible, and the responsibility of the Church is not to teach people how to give but rather to teach people how to want to give. The Rhona Season is one of those opportunities the Church provides for us to say “Thank you God for journeying with me thus far…”

Our generosity, therefore, cannot be limited to the resource of money as has commonly been the practice; but must extend to our time through prayer, service, and care for others. Indeed, money is one of the most efficient methods of giving, but, as we are reminded in 2 Corinthians 8, giving is also about sharing what we have been blessed with according to what we have.

Calvary’s finances have been relatively unstable in 2014, with an ever increasing deficit and depletion of our reserves which had to be used to finance the shortfall. Yet even during this difficult period, we have managed to pull together as a family and continued to respond to this need by the Church. Over the past couple of months, we have seen anonymous donations, increased pledges and many other concerned congregants finding ways to reduce some of the Church’s expenditures by offering time and service through stewardship.

As we enter this Rhona Season, the leadership’s objective is to recover our Reserves and at least break-even for the year. We therefore implore you as members of Calvary, to open your hearts this November and pull together as we journey towards the financial well-being of our household.

To this end, you will find at each service in November clearly marked Rhona envelopes which can be placed into the offertory bags along with your regular tithes and offerings.  These Rhona envelopes can contain cash, proof of E.F.T. payment*, or a pledge form should you not yet have the resources to make your offering available.  Each envelope also contains a space for you to record the blessings for which you are giving thanks so that we, as a community, can share not only in your resources but also in your reasons for rejoicing.

Beyond the monetary aspect, if you would like to contribute to the Church through service please contact Amanda Mhlongo at the Church Office on 011 805 3375 or email


*Banking Details for E.F.T. payments (Please ensure the reference Rhona is used):

Account Name:                 Calvary Methodist Church

Bank:                                Standard Bank

Branch                              Midrand (00 11 55)

Account Number:              202 539 962


  1. pumla mbete

    Thank u si much I am agrownup member of methodist church of south africa far above 60yrs u did add knowledge to me I sincerly thank you Calvary ministries thank you

    • Rev Sva Waqu

      Dear Mam’ uMbete, it is affirming to hear that God has worked in your life through the work we are doing at Calvary. It is also a good testimony to hear that even after so many years of following Christ, there is still room fir you to grow. Indeed God is not finished with anyone of us. May you continue to experience spiritual growth in your life. Blessings, Rev Sva Waqu

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