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Parenting: beyond the bumper sticker

Your family probably doesn’t need to look like this in order to be happy …

happy family

but neither does it have to look like this …

help family

Most of us want picture-perfect families: happy, healthy, peaceful, caring.

Instead we find that family life with its technological terrors, food wars, school blues, sibling rivalries and boundary battles can be messy and unmanageable.

Parenting beyond the bumper sticker is a seven-week workshop for parents of primary and high school kids. Attend all seven sessions or just those about areas that you could use a little help in.  Run on Wednesday evenings from 7p.m. to 9p.m. at the church, the details are as follows:

8 October – the legacy we leave: a look at what we want to leave our children in light of what our childhood left us

15 October – understanding your child better – how to balance common life challenges with unique personalities

22 October – talking to teens and tweens about STD’s – that’s sex, drugs and technology

5 November – talking tools 1 – setting better boundaries

12 November – talking tools 2 – improving communication

26 November – talking tools 3 – time to ask all of your practical parenting questions

3 December – don’t forget about faith – defining a family spirituality that underlies all you do

The total cost of the course is R100 or R20 per session.

Please sign up at the information desk or email the church office to secure your place!

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