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Our Ministries

Women of Grace(WOG)

The vision of this ministry is to create a warm and loving environment for women of all ages, as well as to foster sisterhood, educate, restore, mentor, empower and support women. read more..

Women’s Manyano

The Women’s Manyano also known as the Methodist Women’s Prayer and Service Union as it appears on their pin, they stands for holiness of life, purity of speech, temperance and service to the glory of God and for the extension of God’s Kingdom

Young Women’s Manyano

The Young Women’s Manyano referred to as YWM is also known as the Methodist young Women’s Prayer and Service Union. It stands for holiness of life, purity of speech and conduct, temperance and service to the glory of God and for the extension of God’s Kingdom.

Young Men’s Guild

The Young Men’s Guild also known as YMG is a uniform organisation of the Methodist men who have accepted the calling of Jesus Christ to engage in the holistic mission of the Church. This organisation shall always strive to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ for continuous healing and transformation of the church and communities.

Wesley Guild

The Wesley Guild is a uniformed organization for youth in the MCSA. For many years young people in the Church have felt the need to band together to help one another to grow in Christian maturity, to have fun and to serve the needs of the society as they see it. The Wesley Guild was launched in 2012.

Local Preachers Association

The Local Preachers Association (also known as LPA) is an Organisation of Methodist Preachers who have accepted the calling of Jesus Christ to proclaim His Gospel within the holistic Mission of the Church.

Calvary Youth Church

The CYC has dedicated teachers who long to help your child grow his/her understanding and experience of God and Of the church as a place of love and acceptance through Sunday classes which focus on worship ,drama, conversation and bible stories.


Because we value caring for each other as a community, we have seasoned Christian carers who have been trained to journey with people who need someone t talk to or explore certain areas of life in general. These carers are supervised by a qualified Psychologist.


There are three different teams that lead worship at the three different services. If you are interested in joining the worship teams as a musician or Vocalist please Contact Bomi Ntolosi 082 823 8862 alternatively join the practise as follows:


Christ calls us to be a community that visits the prisons. We are Christ’s feet and hands that will take his love and grace to those locked behind bars. We do this because Christ is able to break the chains of bondage from sin. Christ is able to transform the worst people into the best people.


The hospitality mission is to enhance visitors and members experience of Calvary as a friendly and inviting church. As people come to worship we hope a lasting impression is made on them. Should you wish to be part of the ministry please contact the office on 011 805 3375

Healing Team

The members of this team have all undergone training equipping them to pray with people for healing. They are available after all the services for prayer and host monthly healing services. Should you desire someone to pray with you at an alternate time please contact Busi Madolo 083 609 0136.

Gardening Ministry

The gardening Ministry is responsible for keeping the church grounds clean and presentable. If you would like to serve in this ministry contact the office on 011 805 3375.

Outreach Ministry

The outreach ministry comprises of representatives from all the ministries in the church and any other person with a love for community work. This group then coordinates all the outreach programmes run by the church.Read More…