//Offering our lives

Offering our lives

Dear Beloved,

There are many things we are called into. One of those is the ministry of offering our lives as a living sacrifice. This is an important ministry. Often this ministry is seen as giving and offering, which makes people feel overwhelmed. Let’s rewind a bit. In the days of the Old Testament, any lamb to be offered as a sacrifice would need to be the one that has been so well looked after that it has no blemish. Before it is sacrificed, it would be well nourished and safeguarded. It would be the one that every member of the flock would want to be. It would be a special sheep. This then, is the first step to this ministry – being the special one.

We need to partake in this pampering though. God may remain deeply committed to nourishing our lives, but we also have to respond to God’s dedication to us. As the saying goes, “you can take the horse to the river, but cannot make it drink”; we too have a well that is deep and wide for each one of us to drink from. In this day and age, especially for us on this continent and in this part of the country, we can no longer plead ignorance, however, negligence has become the order of the day. Our choices determine which water we drink, either we drink from the water of life, or the contaminated waters that ruin our lives.

Jesus continues to call, “Come follow me.” He leads us to the river of life where we can all quench our thirst for life in its fullness. He continues, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” The river awaits you. The waters of grace will nourish your life too. Do not let it stand there, drink from it. Offer your life to Christ today and watch Christ heal and transform you. Commit your life to Christ sincerely, and watch Christ nourish your life and the lives of those around you.