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Monday Meditations: God, our Reason for being

Based on Jeremiah 1:4-10 and Luke 4:21-30 and Sunday’s sermon by Rev. Sva Waqu

Without God, our lives are full of emptiness and unless we take time to ask God to fill us, we will always be empty for our lives originate in God.

God spoke to the prophet Jeremiah about how he had been formed and made. Likewise, we are not made from nothingness but by the voice of God. Our origins are not in our mother’s womb but in God’s loving and caring heart. God is our cause; our lives the effect, the consequence of God’s power and love. We need to come to a space of acknowledging this Cause if we are able to commit ourselves faithfully to following Christ and to discover that our lives are bigger than we had ever imagined.

Poor Jeremiah. God appointed him to be a prophet but he was terrified of his inability to speak before others. Yet God reminded him of his sacred origins. And unless we acknowledge our sacred origins, our fears and anxieties will continue to hold us in their grip and keep us from the life that God has imagined for us.

The greatest danger for us as Christians is that the Cause and Source of our lives and significance becomes for us insignificant – that in our attempt to domesticate God to the confines of Sunday worship, God loses significance not just for us but for the whole world. For God’s covenant is not for us as individuals but an expression of love for all. When we fail to play our part, it seems to those around us that God is actually the one who fails, who falls into irrelevance in our consumer-driven lives.

It is in these consumer-driven lives that we discover what we try to fill the voids in our life with – the things that capture our attention and draw us away from the Cause. It is when we realize that God is the true Cause and Reason for our being that we are able to find healing and wholeness and transformation. When there are faults or brokenness in our lives, we do not need to become despondent but motivated to strive for perfection.

In our covenant moment, God asks, “Why have you abandoned me? Why have you failed to be stimulated by my love? Why have you allowed your anxieties to consume you? Why have you taken me for granted?”

May we again put God first in our lives – not in order to secure the lovely life we have hoped for, but that we might be open to the effect of God in and through us.



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