//Life needs nourishing

Life needs nourishing

Dear Beloved,

We celebrate the rains that have been falling over the past few weeks. They are a reminder to us that life needs nourishing, without nourishment it withers and eventually dies. It has taken a few rains for us to celebrate the summer outlook of creation. Equally, it will take a few hot days for this to be reversed, another reminder that it does not take much for things to go wrong in life. The blistering heat sucks out all the water and leaves the land dry with serious consequences to nature.

We have just come from the Covenant Service which most Methodist people always look forward to as a time of getting our relationship with God in tact by recommitting our lives to God and God’s work. In a few weeks’ time we will be having Ash Wednesday. The quick succession of these Christian liturgical services is a reminder that we need to keep our walk with Christ closely in check, lest we wither like a straw as we are blasted by the values that do not nourish our lives. I repeat what I wrote about a month or so ago, these moments are created for our sake. We need them the most, not them needing us.

I invite you then on the 6th of March 2019 at 19H00 as we will be joined by the Lutheran Church next door, for this service as we will be reflecting on the need for us to repent and turn towards God. This moment has been created for us. Please make time for this journey that prepares us for Easter.