//Lenten journey

Lenten journey

Dear Beloved,

I trust and pray that the Lenten journey is a blessing to you and those around you. What happens to us has an effect on what happens to others, just as what happens to them affects us. This was part of the reflection on Wednesday evening on our Lenten journey with the Lutherans. I presented on sin. Our point of departure was that sin is missing the mark of love. In other words when we miss the opportunity to give life to others, we have missed the mark of love. We miss the mark of receiving God’s love by being rebellious towards God as we reject the love which God gives us, and therefore we do not act lovingly to others. We can then see the Destructive Power of Sin.

We tend to miss even our identity. We deny things, and in the process deny ourselves of our true identity as God’s children. For instance, our use of the phrase, “I am only human,” is misunderstood as an excuse for doing wrong. We should in fact be understanding that to be human is to be made in the
image of God. The phrase should then be used when we have been as loving as God would be.

When we do not give God love as God gives us love, we don’t realise that we lose fellowship with God and God’s people. The truth is when this happens, we have to live with the consequences of our actions, words and thoughts. We then say, “God is punishing us.” Instead of realizing that the consequences are upon us, we blame our misfortunes on God and then struggle with our relationships with God. We also struggle with our relationships with others. We may even end up not loving ourselves and lose fellowship with self.

This loss of fellowship is mainly caused by three things:
We omit the things we ought to have done.
We commit things we should not have done.
We associate with people who do things they ought not to or omit the things they ought to have done.

Sin therefore holds us back from being the ones God wants us to be. Sin deprives us of the opportunity to grow and become responsible people. Sin makes us to destroy relationships and walk alone in life, or embrace those who will not point our sin out to us. Thanks be to God that we can repent. We can change from this destructive way of doing life. Come let’s meet again on Wednesday at 19H00 and seek to understand the Power of Repentance so that our humanity may be restored.

Blessed Lent to you all,