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Greatness: we’re created for this! Rhona 2016

This Sunday, the 4th of September, we launch Rhona 2016.


Rhona is not about giving as much as it is about thanksgiving; that is the wholehearted celebration and affirmation of God’s goodness and grace made manifest through the many blessings in our lives of family, friendship, employment, music, purpose, healing, community etc.

This is a season of wide-eyed wonder; an exclamation of “Look! See what God has done!”

And, of course, once we have seen, we have the opportunity to give thanks in heartfelt worship and in the offering of our time, talents and resources to continue blessing others as God has blessed us. Yet even in the offering of ourselves we discover with awe and amazement how much more God has in store for God’s beloved children.

Truly, as Scripture says (Proverbs 18:16):

A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.

Through the precious gift of God’s only son we are able to enter the eternal presence of our Great and Holy One. Likewise, through our own self-giving in this season, we are ushered into the power and promise to be great in mission and worship, in generosity and responsibility, in purpose and passion, in servanthood and belonging.


To this end, every Sunday up until and including the 27th of November, will help us to understand and tap into God’s greatness so that we – as the Calvary Methodist Church community – might be better image-bearers of God’s embracing love.

Preaching plan


Through Rhona we have the opportunity to unleash our greatness and to allow others the opportunity to experience the Greatness of God.


This is accomplished by creating space within our services for different ministries, fellowships and spiritual formation movements to offer testimony and lead us into God’s presence in prayer. There will also be opportunities for individuals and families to share how they have encountered God’s greatness (see the sign up sheet on the notice board).

Food drive

Furthermore, this year we are excited to introduce our “Fill up the trailer drive” and invite you to bring non-perishable foodstuff and basic toiletries into the sanctuary each week.

These donations will be used in our mission and outreach to the Miriam Makeba Centre for Girls, Usizo Community Care Project (a feeding scheme started and run by one of our congregants which aims to feed approximately 50 orphaned and abandoned children each day), and for Christmas parcels for the vulnerable and the homeless. Let’s see how many trailers we can fill over the next 13 weeks – especially on our Anniversary service on the 27th of November where we would love to cover the altar with practical gifts that will usher others into the presence of the Great.

Generosity giving

Finally, our Rhona target for the year is R500 000. Last year we raised R482 863.

In order to reach this goal we encourage you to consider giving over and above your usual offertory a special thanksgiving gift as follows:

Individuals Min. R500 – R1 000

Families Min. R2 500

Mission Groups (including Kairos team, Healing team, Counselling team, Hospitality teams, Education ministry team, Worship teams etc.) Min. R1 500

Organisations (including Wesley Guild , Women of Grace, Women’s Manyano, Young Men’s Guild and Young Women’s Manyano) Min. R5 000

Fellowship groups (including Children’s Youth Church) Min. R2 500

Leaders (including Executive and Servant Leadership Team, Finance Committee, HR Committee, and Trust Properties Team) Min. R5 000

Please note that these are soft targets only and we urge you to give as you are able. Treasurers of organisations and group facilitators are welcome to change and communicate new targets after full consultation with their members if you think that they are either too high or too low as we recognise that our ministries and groups differ vastly in size and capacity.

In addition, organisations and groups are discouraged to set minimum payments for their respective member as this demotivates giving and places those within more than one structure under serious financial pressure.

If you belong to numerous groups or ministries, the most meaningful way of handling your gift to God may be to determine the amount that you long to give and then divide it up equally among the different spaces of service and belonging.

These gifts can be presented to God at any time during the Rhona season – either by EFT or through cash payments. Please utilise the special thanksgiving envelopes in your bulletin which offer space for your to record, as you are comfortable, your name and the reason for your offering.


If you are not a member of our church community but would like to partner with us in this season of greatness, please use the bank account details below for your gift and share your reason for thanksgiving on Twitter @CalvaryMeth with #greatness.

Bank Account Details

Account Name:                 Calvary Methodist Church

Bank:                                Standard Bank

Branch                              Midrand (00 11 55) 

Account Number:              202 539 962



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