We are al encouraged to give generously. This enables existing work to happen and new ministries to be established. There are various ways for people to enable this.

  • Tithing: it is a biblical, Christ – like and life changing to aim to give 10% of your earnings giving is about giving the best that you have not the left overs of what you had – something you do not necessarily need. From the example of Jesus, we receive the best of what God has. God did not withhold – generosity is the heavenly language. As a church we also tithe 10% of every cent that comes in to organisations like Nehemiah Pre Schools in Ivory Park, Avril Elizabeth homes for physically , mentally challenged people, Usizo, Siyakhu;a Education Centre, Mirriam Makeba home for girls, Kairos Prison Ministry, Bursaries to needy learners and many other beneficiaries.
  • Offertory: every Sunday we encourage people to give towards the offertory over and above their tithe. Sunday giving is not planned and can be spontaneous as and when the person feels called and has on that particular Sunday.
  • Planned giving: This plan is for people who want to budget as a set figure every month to give to enable ministry at Calvary and beyond. It is also a helpful plan for those who want to start giving faithfully. Planned giving numbers can be obtained from the church office.
  • Skills and talent: All people can offer something towards growing the kingdom of God. Not all people have the money, but we all have some talent or skill to share with others. We encourage people to take pride in becoming part of the community. A skill offered to our church is a gift that could have cost us a lot of Money. Your skill and talent can enable us to do other things that we are challenged at as a community.
  • Rhona: We have an opportunity for all of us to reflect as we look back at the year and realise the faithfulness of God and offer our thanks giving at the Anniversary Service.

Giving is a sign of spiritual maturity and so all those who want to grow do not only receive but also give.
For planned giving, tithe and Rhona please use the following banking details to ensure less cash on the premises for security reasons:

Bank: Standard Bank
Account Name: Calvary Methodist Church
Account Number: 202 539 962
Branch Code: 001155 (Midrand)

Once money is deposited you can bring us the proof of payment and place it in the offertory bag or email it to the office. We pray for all the people who have given we would like to pray for you as well.