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Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge writes that “friendship is like a sheltering tree” in the way that it offers shelter, support, nourishment and beauty to our lives. Like David and Jonathan, Paul and Barnabas, and Jesus and the family at Bethany (Mary, Martha, and Lazarus), our Christian walk is strengthened through companions who remind us of the presence and love of God in our lives. They play an essential part in encouraging and enabling our wholeness, our growth, and our calling.

Colin Cloete, facilitator of “The Beloved” Fellowship Group (meeting Tuesdays at 7p.m. at the church) remarks that meeting with fellow children of God – beside just attending church – is vital to our journey of faith and spiritual growth. As they share scripture, songs and prayers with one another in their faith journey God uses each one of them in a special way to bring different perspectives to God’s Word and grow into a deeper relationship with their Heavenly Father.

Answered prayers strengthen our faith and many a member can testify of God’s answer to prayer. We have seen the unemployed finding jobs, the bereaved find comfort, break throughs in family relationships and answers to other prayers. There are still other prayers we are waiting and trusting on God’s answers for such as healing for the sick, finding God’s purpose, alternative employment, etc. Being able to pray with and for one another makes a big difference in our daily walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. God chooses to move and act in the prayers His Beloved children.

Even though with the ebb and flow of life, there are sometimes only 2 or 3 members meeting – believing in God’s promised presence – sadness is shared and laughter is multiplied. The love of God holds them together and enable them to keep their strength in Christ at all times. As one member shared, “Even if I’m not always able to attend I know that I have a close family in Christ.”

The 7evens group, facilitated by Nick Moriri, further motivate the need for belonging and friendship in the diagram below:7evens presentation R.jpg

As we celebrate the gift of community this month, we pray that you will carefully and prayerfully consider deepening your connection to our Calvary family by getting involved with a small group. For more information, please contact the Church Office on
011 805 3375.






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