//Covenant Service

Covenant Service

Dear Beloved,

We welcome all our visitors today. We gather at this special service that was passed on to us by our father John Wesley who called on Methodist people to make a clear commitment at the beginning of each year to display obedience and faith in God. It is an act of faith to declare that, I am no longer mine, but yours.”

Trusting the other with your life is a clear declaration of how you perceive the one you trust. When it comes to the covenant with God trust dynamics are interesting. We enter this covenant not because we have proven ourselves worthy, but because God sees us as worthy. This is where the saying, “The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” comes. It is in how God perceives us that draws us into trusting God with our lives. God looks at us with the eyes of grace. Such trust is displayed in the manner in which we trust God not just with our lives, but also with how God wants to use our lives.

It is God who puts us to what God wills as God deems fit. In other words, our lives become a response to God’s will and plan. As we live in such obedience, our will may be different from God’s. This requires for us to pray for discernment and listen carefully to what God wills for our lives. Without listening to God, we may find ourselves pushing God to the periphery and life becoming about us and no longer about God. We will find ourselves no longer exalting God, but elevating ourselves. We will find ourselves no longer witnessing for Christ, but standing in the way of God and betraying God and our convictions.

We enter this space to promise to be obedient as we listen to God.