//Celebrating diversity

Celebrating diversity

Dear Beloved,

We continue with our journey through Lent. It has been wonderful to journey with our brothers and sisters from the Lutheran Church next door. This is our small contribution to unifying the Body of Christ. It is these small efforts that lead to a transformed society. The Methodist Church of Southern Africa has for decades felt called to proclaim the gospel of Christ for Healing and transformation. I invite you to continue being an expression of healing the divides that have made Christians suspicious of one another. When Christianity is shared in a responsible and credible way, the walls we have built over the years will come down and we will begin to celebrate diversity in the manner in which we respond to God’s love as various communities of our faith.

For the next 5 weeks we will meet and use this time of Lent not only to let go, but to let God’s love and grace in. Rev Magoro reminded us on Wednesday this past week that the Power of Salvation lies in the Righteousness of God. This just, merciful, loving and embracing God does all these things not because we have done anything to deserve them, but as a free gift from God who sees how much we need such gifts. As he explored Romans 1:16-17, he reminded us that it is the power of God that brings salvation. It is God who initiates the process. We have the opportunity to respond. Paul responded by not being ashamed to preach the gospel. In what ways are you ready to respond to God’s power of Salvation? He further reminded us that this power is not us accepting God, but it is Christ who accepted us first. Can you think of some ways in which Christ has accepted you? This calls for honesty in the manner in which we sometimes want to boast about our efforts for salvation instead of accepting that which God has done for us long before we could know anything about God’s love for us. Jeremiah reminds us, “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.” God has accepted you.

Lastly, he reminded us that all this is by faith from first to last. We therefore need to live by faith. He spoke about faith as simply believing. What are some of the things that you believe about God that are an indication of God’s saving power?

This week we will be reflecting on the Destructive Power of Sin. I invite you to join us as we reflect on what sin is? What its effects are. Come along with your family, friends and colleagues from 7pm – 8pm. We want to start on the dot so that we can finish on time. Let us continue to pray for God to touch our lives this Lenten Season as we prepare ourselves for Eastertide.