//Celebrating 20 years of existence

Celebrating 20 years of existence

Dear Beloved,

Welcome as we celebrate 20 years of existence as the Calvary Methodist Church. We praise God for the ministry and opportunities given to us as a community to be facilitators of human development. So much has happened over the years as we striven to be faithful as a community to the call of Celebrating and Sharing God’s Embracing Love in the world. Today we look back and we are aware of the faithfulness of God’s people in laying the foundation and building the community to what it is today. We have evolved over the years and yet have not lost sight of our Core Values. If anything, these have be strengthened and improved. 14 years ago, when I joined the community, the biggest need was more to establish a community than just be worshipers. We still have room to grow in this area, but we have seen so much support in times of need as well as inspiration for spiritual growth. The various ministries have offered that. We also had a challenge on ownership.Over the years we have seen people coming forward to champion various ministries. We praise God for this Journey.

We look forward to further strengthening the community and church life in the coming years. Some of the things we need to urgently address include the following:

  • Fellowship groups that will offer people more opportunities to be cared for and to be encouraged to grow spiritually.
  • Sunday school facilities that will ensure that children in our community are given the necessary attention as part of the community.
  • Grow our financial resources to enable us to do more mission and transform lives around Midrand and beyond.

These three areas of focus in 2019 will give so much to do and keep us once again faithful to what God has called us as a community to be. I invite you all to pray for these areas of focus and also commit to take part in us succeeding in them.

Happy 20th Anniversary and Shalom,