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Beautiful in Blue

The Wesley Guild is a movement of young people that was formed to: To promote open and honest discussion of the meaning of the Christian faith in today’s world To broaden the cultural horizons of its members for the enrichment of life To be a caring fellowship for its members To be a point of […]

Greatness: we’re created for this! Rhona 2016

This Sunday, the 4th of September, we launch Rhona 2016. THEOLOGICAL UNDERSTANDING Rhona is not about giving as much as it is about thanksgiving; that is the wholehearted celebration and affirmation of God’s goodness and grace made manifest through the many blessings in our lives of family, friendship, employment, music, purpose, healing, community etc. This is a […]

Resurrection Reflections: Week 2

  Scripture reading – Luke 24:36-48 This week’s Gospel reading focuses on a conversation among the disciples after they have been joined by two believers who had been travelling on the road to Emmaus and been amazed and delighted to discover that Jesus had journeyed with them. Yet even as they are recounting this miracle, […]

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