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Special events

Rhona 2015: We harvest as much as we plant …

Rhona amount collected to date: R426 780 – just R70 000 short of our dream! Thanksgiving envelopes and EFT’s can still be offered throughout the month of December.   Over the next ten Sundays (from 4/10/205 until 6/12/2015), we celebrate a special season in the life of our community known as Rhona or Thanksgiving. This […]

Understanding Abundance: Blessed to be a Blessing Series

Job 2:1-10 Most people are looking for signs of being blessed. We pray for blessings, we wait for blessings, we see others being blessed, but not us. As a result we feel empty. We feel God is doing good for others. We feel God is taking long to answer our prayers and grant us our […]

Created 4 Community

On Sunday, we launched our “Created for Community” season with a single worship service that reflected our true diversity, especially as we welcomed the Circuit Wesley Guilders for their robing. Below is the sermon from Sunday’s service based on Genesis 1 and 2, a reminder that we are called to walk and work out our […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Some say that to be a mother is to live with your heart outside of your body for the rest of your days … To the moms whose hearts are full of joy and delight this day, we add our own gratitude and pray for continued health and happiness … To the moms whose hearts […]

Urgent Notice: #MethodistMarchAgainstXenophobia

The Alexandra/Johannesburg Circuit 902 is organising a March from Bethesda Methodist Mission, in Berea to Yoeville Checkers. We will gather at 10am for prayer in preparation for the march. We will be back at Bethesda by 13h00 as permitted by the Authorities. People must be on time with placards calling for peace. No inciting messages. […]

Seven Words of Saving Love

On Good Friday we explored the idea that saving love is costly. People humiliate us and try to rob us of our dignity; they make it their mission to undermine and destroy us. Yet love forgives.  Jesus prays that his enemies might be forgiven “for they know not what they do.” The truth is that, […]

Ash Wednesday: Opening the season of Lent

Ash Wednesday marks the start of the 40 day Lenten period in which we journey with Jesus to Jerusalem and share in his suffering, often giving up and sacrificing an aspect of our daily lives such as meat or chocolate or television in order to grow in intimacy with God. This year, each Wednesday in […]

Covenant Conversations

From the earliest days of Methodism, its founder – John Wesley – invited people to renew their covenant with God on a regular basis. The emphasis of the whole Covenant service is on God’s readiness to enfold us in a generous love which is not at all dependent on our worth or deserving.  Instead, we […]

Annual Society Meeting highlights

At our Annual Society Meeting on the 19th of November, we had the opportunity to hear feedback from the various ministries that make up our busy life as community: some, like the Children’s Church, of the challenges they face with limited teachers and resources in light of the immense need with almost 200 children each […]

Rhona: A time for reflection

The Rhona Season is a time where, as Christians, we look back and acknowledge the presence of God and God’s deliverance in our lives through Thanksgiving. Many mistake this season for a time of fundraising for the Church; a mere collection of money in return for a service, a product or even, at times, recognition. Even […]

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