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The Wesley Guild is a movement of young people that was formed to:

  • To promote open and honest discussion of the meaning of the Christian faith in today’s world
  • To broaden the cultural horizons of its members for the enrichment of life
  • To be a caring fellowship for its members
  • To be a point of contact with Christianity for people to develop their own patterns of devotion to Christ
  • To encourage an interest in the local community
  • To initiate or support community projects locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Bridge the gap between Sunday School and Organisations/Manyanos.
  • To keep young people in Church
  • To be a college of spiritual, social, mental growth
  • To produce leaders

Our beautiful Guilders at the Circuit robing at Lombardy East Methodist last weekend ….

As the Calvary Wesley Guild we strive to foster and promote discipline in Christ amongst young people in and outside the Church in general and those within the Midrand community in particular through implementation of the 4C’s for Christ (Consecration, Comradeship, Creativity and Community Development).

We aim to encourage young people to devote themselves and to take active participation in the affairs of the Church, growth and development of the Church [Priesthood of all Believers].


Newly robed guilders along with our current chairperson ….

The Wesley Guild can be joined by any person who is young at heart and subscribes to the aims and objectives of this movement. We always encourage young people to be part of this movement in order for them to deepen their spirituality, to promote loyalty to the work of God and present God to the world through the church.


Truly a transforming way of life …


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