//He has risen!

He has risen!

Dear Beloved,

He is risen! The disciples spread the news. They say no news is good news, and yet this time, the Power of Resurrection became the good news. The echoing voice of Jesus from Friday is heard through the voices of the vulnerable, defeated and embarrassed. He said it after all as he entered Jerusalem, if these children keep quiet, the stones will shout out. The rock at the mouth of the tomb rolled away declaring the power that could not be withheld by evil and death.

There comes a time in life when logic is defied by love and life. This is the time when pain is transformed into healing. This is the time when lifelessness is transformed into abundance. This the time when evil triumphs no more and justice flourishes. This is the time when defeat is
turned into victory, when power shifts from the palace to the tomb, when power shifts from the courtyard to the hills and valleys. This is the time when the influence is not left to the powerful, but the ordinary become an inspiration.

Those who have been touched by this power become catalysts and agents for redefining humanity. This moment becomes a renaissance moment. The rebirth of humanity comes from the power of the resurrected Christ. What rebirth is God calling for in your life and through your life? My prayer is that you will experience this new birth, if not by being the bearer of the
good news, then by being the good news. There can’t not be good news. For us Christians no news is bad news, but the news of rebirth is God news to us.

He is Risen Indeed!
Rev Sva Waqu