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Archive for May 2015

Resurrection Reflections: Week 5

  Scripture reading – John 15:9-17 Food for thought: Love has always been a very confusing and consuming emotion: it has driven some people to write the most amazing poetry and music; others to drive a knife through their “loved” ones when they haven’t lived up to expectations or have tried to walk away. Love […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Some say that to be a mother is to live with your heart outside of your body for the rest of your days … To the moms whose hearts are full of joy and delight this day, we add our own gratitude and pray for continued health and happiness … To the moms whose hearts […]

Resurrection Reflections: Week 4

Centering prayer: Spend a few minutes looking at or eating a bunch of grapes with the following words repeating in your mind: “You are the vine. I am one of your branches. In you I find the fullness of life.” Scripture reading – John 15:1-8 A couple of years ago my mom retired and most of her energy and time […]

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